Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Fun

So this past weekend I went camping at Rockport State Park. No fire but it was still fun. Saturday was probably one of the most jam packed I've had in a while. I was a supporting spectator while my friends, Elizabeth, Seth, and Julia, did a Triathalon. Then I went to Seven Peaks with Mom, Dad and Kyle for Kyle's last water fun activity before he enters the M.T.C. this Wednesday. Then back to Mom and Dad's for tin foil dinners with everyone but Tyler as he is in Maryland. Next day was of course the "farewell" for Kyle. He gave a great talk and a totally amazing musical number with his friends. After dinner I had to get back to Provo for a meeting. Needless to say I'm so tired. Maybe some day I'll have a digital camera to make this blog thing better until then you get little notes now and then.