Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hot Springs

Jess was in town which means that we went on another adventure. We went to the Spanish Fork Hot Springs, Three Forks is the name of the trail and I think the springs are actually called Five Falls. Anyway, we started early so Krishna could come to, she had an appointment that afternoon. Ok so we had never been to where we were going and even though I had a GPS it was the first time I really tried to use it. Which means that we hiked, through snow at points, for about an hour before we met a hunter who told us we were on the wrong trail. In my defense I had just figured that out as the numbers on the GPS went one to far in the wrong direction and I thought about this sign we passed at the trail head. I didn't remember seeing our trail name on it. When we got back to the trail head we read the sign.

Unfortunately, because we were on the wrong trail Krishina didn't have time to go with us anymore. But this was going to be attempt number three for Jess and I to go to this place and being that close we weren't going to quit. So we started on the right trail. It was a great hike. The springs were ok. I'm a bit mad at them as I slipped while crossing them and got beat up pretty bad. Totally awesome bruise on my arm that everyone at work keeps asking about. It was strange because you could be sitting in one place and have half of you in cold water and the other in totally hot water. Grand time all around.

Family Fun

I've had the chance over the past month (March) to tend Zeke a lot. We have had some great times. Playing with trains, cars, tickle wars on the couch, watching movies and Inspector Gadget. Great times. I got to watch him during Manndi's sister's wedding and took some good pictures.
Then of course it was Ashlynn's birthday in March so we had a party. Which was great fun by the way. Thanks for hosting it Quinn and Dawnie. Tell you what Dawnie throws some pretty creative parties. This year was princesses. Grandpa was even there.
Ashlynn likes to take crazy pictures here is my favorite of the crazy ones we did that day.
Of course she wanted to pay with her new toys which were princess of course. But since she is the princess she hands me the prince and said I had to be the boy. Reminded me of the good old days when Skye would say the same thing. I didn't mind as I never really wanted to be the princess any way.
I also spent some time with my high school friends and Liz (Heather's college roommate) all of which I count as family. It was great to play cards and see them all again.