Thursday, September 23, 2010

What do you like about yourself?

The first question on a get to know you game at a Relief Society dinner I went to last week. Being O.C.D. I couldn't just skip it an move on to "where do you want to go on vacation" or "what's your favorite hobby." So I sat there thinking, what do you like about yourself. I complained about the question to my friend next to me and she pops out an answer in two seconds. And I thought now that's pretty cool to know yourself so well you know what you like about yourself in two seconds and it doesn't even phase you that the question was asked in the first place. So there I am with my blank paper staring back at me thinking about my life and who I am overall. Kind of like a mini life inventory right there at the R.S. dinner. Some people put down physical features. Others put down characteristics or titles like Mom. I did come up with an answer and moved on to other questions. Quickly forgetting the quiz and moving on with life. Tonight in the temple it hit me again.

What do you like about yourself?

I thought about who I am and who I want to be and thought isn't that what the gospel of Jesus Christ is about. To improve ourselves a little bit at a time until the whole package is done and we can answer with resounding, "Everything!" Not even like but love. And wouldn't it be easier to give that love to others if we know we have it and don't have to guard it or get defensive when we are asked for it. When asked it would take two seconds to say ok I've got it and here it is. It would be. My friend who popped out the answer in two seconds started trying to help me come up with what I like about myself by naming things she's noticed about me. Isn't great that we get to do the same in the gospel. We can be there to point out things to each other that we may be to blind to or scared to admit are there. And yet, how often I forget that the person who can point all this out the most is my Father in Heaven. He is just waiting for the opportunity to let us know of His love and we don't ask as often as we should. My Mom and Dad tell me they love me every time I end a conversation on the phone with them or leave their house. Why would my Father in Heaven be any different?

To end this random post I would suggest we take that opportunity a bit more often and work on being able to answer in two seconds the question, What do you like about yourself?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cascade Springs

One of my favorite get away for a moment spots. It's just nice to sit and listen to nature. You can hear the wind move through the trees. The water starts at the top just appearing out of the mountain, cascading down small waterfalls into a pool at the bottom. I was hopping to catch the fall colors but was a bit early. I'll probably try again in a week.