Saturday, February 28, 2009

Road Trip to Mesa, AZ

Four day weekends are nice. I took off with Jennifer Hoskisson and Jessica Cooper for President's day weekend. Mesa is a favorite get away for me as I have a lot of family and friends down there. I got to go hiking in February. We started on the Hyrogliph trail just before sunset so it was awesome to watch the sun go down as we hiked. Then the usually just hang and talk with everyone I could possibly squeeze in to the two days I was there. Sorry to those I didn't get to see. I'll catch ya next time.

Road Trip to Mesa

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winter Hiking

A first for me. I've never gone for a winter hike before. As with all of my hikes it was more of an afternoon walk but still great fun. Jessica is to blame for this first in my life. She's been doing that a lot lately. Advice to those younger than me out there, do stuff you've never done before you just might like it. (Not the bad stuff like drugs or anything. Don't be stupid about it.) So I lectured Jess about walking on ice and she got a smart and pretended to walk on the edge of the ice while I took a picture.
Hike continues on and a while later Jess was setting up the camera to take a picutre of us infront of Bridal Vail Falls. While she was doing that I was checking out the ice over the bottom of the falls. Then guess what happens. Yep, I step on the ice and fall through. So since my shoes are now totally wet and they aren't real snow boots, Jessica says, we have to get back. I could have made it until sunset. What's a little water on your shoes in 40 degree weather while the sun is setting in a canyon? My favorite part of hiking, anytime of year, is the sound.


I love cool nature pictures. I'd love to be the one making money off of cool nature pictures. I'd get to go camping to take cool pictures so it would be free right? Well since most really cool shots require climbing up something to get them I stay on the ground and just pull out my camera everynow and then. Here are some shots I've taken since I got my new digital camera. The sunset was taken from my stair well and the others are from a hike I went on with Jess. More on that one in another post. Not bad but not great either. Practice makes perfect so they should get better. In the mean time, Enjoy! I do.

Happy Birthday to me!!

Well as anyone who knows me can tell you today is not my birthday but here are the pictures from the grand event that kicked me out of the Young Single Adult Wards forever. As my b-day was on a sunday my roommates and friends went out on saturday night. They took me to PF Changs and then we went to Ozz to play pool. On my actual b-day we did cake and ice cream but forgot to get out the ice cream. My German Chocolate cake was made from stratch by Jess and she did a fine job.