Monday, January 19, 2009

I love my roommates!

So last night we were sitting around exchanging pictures from the shooting trip and it started to get late. Krishna had fallen asleep on the couch and Jen decided to scare her. Now you must understand that Jen and Jess have been trying to scare Krishna since about October and every time she just says things like "Hi" to them. No reaction what so ever. The video that follows is what happened. Randy is holding the camera and I'm the legs on the end of the couch.


On satruday I finally got to go shooting. I've always wanted to go again since the time Dad took the "big kids" a million years ago but it has never worked out. It wasn't disappointing. I got to shoot a 22 rifle, 9 mil pistol and a shot gun. Boy that was fun. This video is probably the second time I actually hit the clay pigeon with the shot gun. My friends' favorite part is the end when I cock the gun again and the cartridge flies out.

I had a hard time convincing them that I really hadn't shot a real gun before. We did this all up at some guy's family cabin in Coalville. It was a beautiful day and well worth the drive up there. I loved it so much that if it weren't against the BYU Honor Code, which I have to live under as a landlord, I'd go get a gun right now. Ok maybe not but only because they are expensive. We are already planning our next shooting trip. This time to a local gun club where ever it is. P.S. and by the way the sunglasses aren't mine they are Jessica's. But it was so bright out there I had to have some thing.

Keys on Main

Yet another late post but hey I'm catching up. The first friday night of the new year I went with my friends to Keys on Main in Salt Lake. It is a dueling piano bar. Yep I said bar. We arrived early and left early, pretty much before anyone could get drunk. It was so much fun. I can't believe how talented some people are in the music area. Stuff they did on the piano was amazing. From left to right you have Jessica, Me, Jennifer, and Krishna. Jess is an honorary roommate and Jen and Krish are my roommates.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Years Eve

So as always I'm a bit behind on my posts but now that I have a digital camera, thanks again Tyler, I'm going to be using this more often. Most college kids are looking for a good time on New Years Eve. I convinced my friends to come to Midway and watch while I put new break pads on my car so it would pass inspection. Having never done this before Dad was over the shoulder here and there but he likes New Years Eve to watch movies so for most of this he was inside watching Star Wars Episode III. This video is of the first side of the car. As it turned out these pads weren't as bad as the second ones. There was nothing left on the second side of the car. Everything was going great until we couldn't get a bolt off to remove the second tire. Dad helped and sheered the bolt off. That ended the project for the night.

We got up the next morning and went tubing at Solder Hallow with the Loertscher family. Dad found the fasted tube on the hill and shared it with all of my friends. Krishna actually ended up going through the fence at that the bottom of the hill it went so fast. After tubing I took Krish and Jess home in Dad's car, bought the bolt and nut I needed to finish the break job then went back to Midway to finish up with Dad. All in all it was a great memory for everyone and Jess and Krish said they really did have a good time.