Saturday, August 28, 2010

San Diego

Got sick of day to day life and took off to San Diego. It was awesome to just hang out and chill. I can now add the San Diego temple to my list of temples I've been to. Went hiking of course. Not a long one but it was the first time I'd been in the mountains in southern California.

The beach of course. And yes I looked like one of those pathetic tourists with a horrid farmers tan and really shouldn't be allowed in a swimming suit. It was worth the public embarrassment to be able to walk along the beach with my feet in the water.

We went to the Mormon Battalion visitor center and it was awesome. Highly recommend it to any one who is in San Diego.
Believe it or not went shopping. Took a lot of walks and listened to the waves a lot.

I got to have dinner with Uncle Don and Aunt Robin. It was great to see them again and catch up. I got to have my first fig outside of a newton. Also my first time having Gelato. Now that is good stuff. I forgot to take a picture though. :(
Signs of a good vacation you never want to go home.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Young Women's Girls Camp

I was the Camp Director for my ward this year. We had seven girls come this year. The MIA Shalome camp is owned by the Provo and Orem Stakes so they go to the same place every year. It has A frame cabins to sleep in which don't really keep the mice or other woodland animals out. It has a pond that the girls canoe on and hiking trails all around the camp. I didn't get to go hiking or canoing as my back was killing me from packing and unpacking the van with all the stuff. I should have delegated more of that stuff. We made tie dye t-shirts before we left for camp as our shirts this year. The girls had a great time and I loved being up there with them. Our ward was the "Ultimate Waterfront Champions of the world." They played a game where ducks, which had the values on the bottom of them, were launched into the pond and the girls had to collect a full set of the Young Women Values, of which there are eight now, and bring them back to the docks. The ward with the most sets before the time was up wins. Our girls kick it on a canoe. I even learned how to make Jewelry.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Office

I've never had one before so bear with me.

It is located in the reception area of the floor, not that anyone visits as we are closed to the public, so people walk by my office all day. I'm pretty easily distracted so I blocked the window that looks into my office with my nature pictures that used to hang in my cubical.

I don't get to look at them but I have a better view these days.