Saturday, October 6, 2012

August 2011-April 2012

Unfortunately with out a camera I can't remember what I did. Swiss Days of cours. My ward did a camp out in Uncle Scott's backyard. Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's house. Christmas at Mom and Dad's house. I turned 34 in January. Worked a lot. Was in the Primary Presidency, a Relief Society teacher, Sunday School teacher and what not. So I was really busy but not picture busy. Went to niece and nephew birthday parties. Played with nieces and nephews when I could. Loved family and friends. And dreamed of having a camera of my own again.

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Mama Jennie said...

No camera? You can use my old one, if you would like. (I got a new one last Christmas) It is an Olympus. Let me know if you are interested. It would be better than nothing.